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June 28, 2019 – Research Shows That Automation Can Improve
Advisor Satisfaction

Findings indicated that employees understand the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) and are more willing to use it to help them deliver better service experiences.

More than 2000 employees in the United States and the United Kingdom were surveyed, to understand their perception of how RPA enables them to perform their daily tasks better. (More information)



June 16, 2019 – What is a Call Center Agent?

Simply put, call center agents are professionals who handle the bustle issuing from a successful business.  But there is a lot to it than that.

Read on to learn more. (More information)



December 19, 2018 – Important Call Center Trends for 2019


Looking for innovative ways way to boost your call center productivity in 2019? We compiled a short article on the key call center trends to streamline your operation and keep clients engaged. (More information)



October 22, 2018 – IBM lands $240M Deal with Lenovo for Call Center Support using AI

Lenovo is looking to improve its customer call center support services by signing the contract with IBM for solutions that incorporate IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence. (More information)